The current menu is for May 29th delivery. The deadline to place orders is May 25th@ 8pm. Otherwise, please feel free to pick up items from last week's menu at our store on #620 3208 8 Ave Ne. We are open Tue-Fri (11-6), Sat 1-6, Sun (1-5)

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch & Dinner

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7 Lunch, and Dinner meals to cover you for the week

  • Menu updated every Wednesday
  • No commitment – Cancel subscription anytime

The current menu is for May 29th Delivery. The deadline to place orders is Wednesday May 25th at 8 pm

May 29th Delivery Includes;

  • Chicken A La King
  • Pork Tenderloin in Mushroom Sauce w/ Green Beans
  • Surf n' Turf w/ Broccoli 
  • Salisbury Steak w/ Cauli Mash
  • Shirataki Rice Casserole 
  • Dill Chicken w/ Cauli Mash
  • Sweet n' Spicy Peri-Peri Chicken Leg w/ Kales


  • Tuna Salad x2
  • Cabbage Casserole x3
  • Cabbage Roll Soup x2

May 22nd Delivery Includes;

  • Beef Zoodles
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Lamb Chop w/ Zucchini & Bell Peppers 
  • Lemon Butter Salmon w/ Cauli Rice
  • Ranch Pork Chop w/ Zucchini & Mushrooms 
  • Stuffed Chicken w/ Broccoli 
  • Ceasar Baked Chicken w/ Zucchini


  • Cheese Stuffed Meatballs x2
  • Greek Salad x2
  • Tuna Scrambled Eggs x3

May 15th Delivery Included;

  • Spicy Curried Chicken Thighs w/ Cauli Rice
  • Fish Curry w/ Cauli Rice 
  • Sesame Chicken w/ Green Beans & Bell Peppers
  • Steak Pieces w/ Cheesy Eggs
  • Tandoori Chicken w/ Coconut Cauli Rice
  • Shrimp Zoodles
  • Creamy Pesto w/ Broccoli


  • Creamy Taco Soup x2
  • Crab Cakes x2
  • Sausage Egg Skillet x3

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        The best keto meals I have ever had!

        Over the past few years I have been on keto with some planned breaks. I feel really healthy when I am on a keto food plan. I work full-time and have a very active life. I was finding at the end of the day, I was quite tired of cooking and baking meals. I checked online and was thrilled to find Milli's Keto Kitchen. I have ordered lunches and dinners for the past three weeks. I am so impressed by the wonderful serving portions and how delicious and decadent each meal tastes. So far my favorites have been the chili, the homemade buns, lasagna, shrimp on cauliflower rice, curry chicken and Nanaimo bars. I thought I would just list a couple of dishes and then I kept thinking of all that I have loved and enjoyed. The list could go on and on! I am absolutely thrilled with this service and the lovely man who delivers every Sunday afternoon. Milli you have a true fan!

        Thank you so much for your review Terri and for your kind words. It is absolutely our please to know you've had such a great experience with our meals. Our goal is to provide best quality locally made keto meals for you to enjoy and at the same time meet your nutritional needs. We strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied, which is why your feedback means a lot to us.
        Thank you.

        Abir Barkil

        Lunch & Dinner

        Teddy Tefera
        Milli's Keto

        I start your meal program three and half months ago so far I lost 35lb. The food you made is so delicious I really enjoy it.
        Thank you Milli's Keto

        That's amazing Teddy! This is great to hear :) We are so happy for you and thrilled to be part of your journey! Keep it up